Charlotte Marigold writes sexy contemporary romance for Escape Publishing (Harlequin Australia). In her passionate stories, set in glamorous locations, hot romance and seduction always lead to love.

After graduating from university and working in the arts for several years, Charlotte followed her heart to Italy to experience la dolce vita first hand. Oh what a life! A whirlwind romance with a hot-blooded Italian, eventually lead to cosy domesticity back in Melbourne, Australia. But memories of romantic nights in Italy, those first flutters of blossoming love and the exhilarating ride to happily ever after are far from forgotten and continue to inspire Charlotte’s emotionally driven stories.

When she’s not at her computer drinking copious cups of tea, Charlotte likes to explore her city on foot and draws inspiration from the lives around her. She loves a cafe visit with friends and family but you won’t find her writing in one. Charlotte likes to read over her work aloud. Given many of her characters are Italian she often adopts a heavy European accent and gesticulates passionately while reading. This can make working in public stifling as she’s forced to silence her lively alter egos… So she writes uninhibited at home in her little sunroom, uncertain of what her neighbours might hear!